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How To Travel By Car

To the Inurnment of

James Herbert Hammond

at Arlington National Cemetery on Friday, April 22, 2011 at 1:00 pm.

Guests should be in the appropriate Family Room in the Administration Building by 12:30 pm. This is how to get there by car.

Drive the Orange Path - Walk the Blue Path

The orange line on the map below is the path to drive on the day of the service. Most people visiting Arlington Cemetery will park in the visitors parking lot, but people attending a service are to use the parking lot for the Administration Building.

How to Get to Arlington National Cemetery by Metro

Drive West on Memorial Drive

Drive west toward the Custis-Lee Mansion and President Kennedy's Grave (where the people are gathered near the center of the picture).

Interestingly on the map above north is to the right and west is toward the top.

When you reach the security guards and barrier stop and tell them that you are attending the service for James Hebert Hammond. They will direct you to the parking lot for the Administration Building.

Memorial Drive Looking West

Turn Left at the Women's Memorial

When you reach the Women's Memorial shown in the picture below, turn left.

Women's MEmorial - Arlington National Cemetery

Through the Gates on Eisenhower Drive

After you turn left at the Women's Memorial you will pass through these gates and be on Eisenhower Drive.

Gates at Arlington National Cemetery

Left on King Drive

Make the second turn to the left onto King Drive.

Visitors Center Stairwell - Outside Door Leads to the Administration Building

Parking Lot Right - Administrative Building Left

Inside the Adminsitration Building the receptionist's desk is on the right and there is a large display screen nearby.

Front of the Administration Building

Continued . . . What to do at the Administration Building